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thinkCADD Technology Corporation

thinkCADD Technology Corporation is an Engineering HUB designed for delivering “The MOST ACCELERATED DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES” and to host a platform for advanced engineering Research & Development to the Engineering community. Technological advancements in the field of computers have broadened creativity and precision in the engineering and designing domain. While maintaining our main motto to uplift the Engineering community with Recent Advances in Design Technologies, we offer a wide range of engineering services across various disciplines for many industries and Institutes using the latest technologies, software, and methodology. thinkCADD is a multifaceted end-to-end Engineering Solutions Provider which has diversified into several divisions as Engineering software Solutions Group ,Engineering design consultancy Services, IT & Project Management Consultancy Group, Engineering Solutions Training Division, Customer Care and Support Services and Web Technology solutions.
thinkCADD Engineering Solutions

thinkCADD Engineering Solution is a multifaceted end to end design and engineering technology expert providing MCAD/ECAD/CAID/CAM/CAE/PLM design solutions to the manufacturing, building, and infrastructure industries. The foundation of a valuable CAD software partner is a thorough understanding of your business process, personnel, and workflow. Your CAD software should support your business goals and meet your design needs. We apply our experience and expertise across a vast number of industries to collaboratively team up with our customers to implement solutions to solve their mission critical design challenges. We support the world’s most advanced CAD, CAID, CAE, CAM, CFD, PLM, PDM, and Knowledge Based Engineering [KBE] solutions available today.
  Thinkcadd   thinkCADD NxG-CAIDET

thinkCADD NxG - CAIDET Industrial Technical Training Options : thinkCADD technology Corporation is committed to providing the most extensive, high-quality, professional development programs in the industry to help you maximize your investment in your organization's most valuable asset--your employees. From initial skills assessment and consultancy through to standard and bespoke training courses and ongoing skills validation, thinkCADD can make your team more productive and effective. Whether the topic is the implementation of new design technology, the latest software features or "tips and tricks", the focus is on achieving the maximum benefit from your investment in training and learning. thinkCADD offers countless professional development options to teach new skills and ensure your users own them. We Provide Industry Led Courses on Mechanical CAD, CAE, CFD, CAM, Civil CAD, Architectural CAD, Project Management Solutions and HR Management Training. Before you choose a training program to sharpen your technical skills, consider the following: the learning methodology is as crucial as the content.

Our Training Philosophy is based on these cornerstones: Production - Oriented - Studies have proven students achieve maximum retention through hands-on repetition. In our classes, you will learn an operation through a series of short lectures followed by hands-on practice of the skills presented.

HYBRID LEARNING TECHNIQUE: - Hybrid learning is learning that mixes various event-based training activities, including face-to-face, instructor-led classroom training; live (synchronous) or recorded (asynchronous) Internet-based e-learning; and self-paced learning.

Expert-Led Training - Our training programs are taught by our own full-time Technical Training Engineers, who are certified in instructional delivery and experts in the software application. It is for this reason that we often refer to our instructor-led training as Expert-Led training, because our classes are led by Subject-Matter Experts. Their focus is on increasing job productivity by applying best usage instruction, not on learning theory. Our training facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art computers to optimize accelerated learning.


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