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"Faster, Cheaper, Better "has been a recurring theme among Manufactures.

With increasing pressure to reduce time to market, increase innovation, and deliver products at lower cost, outsourcing is an option manufacturing executives must, at the very least, evaluate.

thinkCADD Design HUBB is the result of this thinking –a specialist division of thinkCADD ,working for some years now in the outsourcing of design services to companies of all sizes but particularly with SMEs.

We are working extensively with leading OEM’s & suppliers and providing “one stop" CADD Solutions for all your Engineering design needs.

We offer a wide range of engineering services across various disciplines for many industries using the latest technologies, software, and infrastructure. Customer satisfaction, high quality standards, and utmost confidentiality are the pillars of our business policy. When you strategically partner with our services division, thinkCADD Design HUBB, we’ll provide innovative, rigorous solutions to identify manage and operate your non-core operations – all in an environment of collaboration, trust, and reliability.Our deep, industry-specific experience and process expertise allows us to leverage KPO synergies to automate tasks, simplify processes and enhance efficiencies. thinkCADD supplies Unique consulting services, software tools and customer care ,we help Medium Sized manufacturers (MSMs) optimise their entire product development process –and helps industrial designers create better more innovative products.


“We help companies by co creating values rather than offering mere cost arbitrage through" 

Consulting best practices and methodologies used at larger companies is not effective for midsize companies. As with other thinkCADD business and consulting solutions, we've developed a tailored approach to each client's particular needs. Typically, requirements are assessed in three to five days and initial production solutions are set up in four to eight weeks. 

"Tailored" does not mean "unstructured." Our methods build on a four-phased delivery process, establishing an Integrated Product Development Environment (IPDE). The four phases form a calculated approach: Assess, Define, Execute and Support.

 thinkcadd Our Benefits Include
 thinkcadd Lower costs due to economies of scale
 thinkcadd Ability to concentrate on core functions
 thinkcadd Greater flexibility and ability to define the requested service
 thinkcadd Specific supplier benefits
 thinkcadd Higher quality service due to focus of the supplier
 thinkcadd Improved internal management disciplines 
 thinkcadd Less dependency upon internal resources 
 thinkcadd Faster setup of the function or service
 thinkcadd Lower ongoing investment required in internal infrastructure
 thinkcadd Lesser dependency on internal expertise
 thinkcadd Purchase of industry's best practice
 thinkcadd Turn fixed costs into variable costs

Our engineering team presents a strong and synergistic group which provides you with extra value through their skills, experience and method of working together to achieve a goal. What sets us apart is a customer-centric, process-driven approach based on milestones and our experience with global cross-functional interaction. The team comprises high-calibre professionals with domain expertise in their chosen fields. At your service are mechanical engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers and architects supported by engineering draftsmen and animation specialists.

Based on a combination of engineering knowledge, software skills, and industrial experience, thinkCADD offers a spectrum of engineering services in Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Project Management Solutions.

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