thinkCADD technology Corporation is committed to providing the most extensive, high-quality, professional development programs in the industry to help you maximize your investment in your organization's most valuable asset--your employees.

From initial skills assessment and consultancy through to standard and bespoke training courses and ongoing skills validation, thinkCADD can make your team more productive and effective. Whether the topic is the implementation of new design technology, the latest software features or "tips and tricks", the focus is on achieving the maximum benefit from your investment in training and learning.

thinkCADD offers countless professional development options to teach new skills and ensure your users own them.

We Provide Industry Led Courses on Mechanical CAD, CAE, CFD, CAM, Civil CAD, Architectural CAD, Project Management Solutions and HR Management Training.

Before you choose a training program to sharpen your technical skills, consider the following: the learning methodology is as crucial as the content.

Our Training Philosophy is based on these cornerstones:


Oriented - Studies have proven students achieve maximum retention through hands-on repetition. In our classes, you will learn an operation through a series of short lectures followed by hands-on practice of the skills presented.


Hybrid learning is learning that mixes various event-based training activities, including face-to-face, instructor-led classroom training; live (synchronous) or recorded (asynchronous) Internet-based e-learning; and self-paced learning.

Expert-Led Training

Our training programs are taught by our own full-time Technical Training Engineers, who are certified in instructional delivery and experts in the software application. It is for this reason that we often refer to our instructor-led training as Expert-Led training, because our classes are led by Subject-Matter Experts. Their focus is on increasing job productivity by applying best usage instruction, not on learning theory. Our training facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art computers to optimize accelerated learning.

Desk-Side Mentoring

You've participated in thinkCADD’s training and now you're ready to apply your newly acquired knowledge to your projects back at work. What better way to do this than with a personal mentor by your side? We offer the expertise of our Technical Training Engineers to act as your mentor and work alongside you to give you practical tips and shortcuts, saving you time, accelerating your productivity and increasing your performance level.

Our Desk-Side Mentoring Service may be used for either one-on-one assistance or for a group of employees working together on a project. Contact us to learn more about our Desk-Side Mentoring Service and how a mentor can improve your productivity.

Why train with thinkCADD?

thinkCADD CAIDET [Hybrid learning Technique]

Our classroom instruction has been designed to replicate situations that our clients regularly encounter on the job. Our research has shown that by preparing our clients in this way, they return to the workplace with the knowledge needed to get their job done in more efficient and cost-effective ways.

thinkCADD CAIDET is pleased to offer the following instructional design services:

Classroom Training Curriculum

thinkCADD classroom training curriculum provides the foundation for a complete learning program. We believe that a hands-on approach, project-based training session led by a knowledgeable instructor provides an unequalled learning experience. Our classroom-training curriculum is developed by our team of engineers, instructional designers, and technical writers using sound instructional principles. Our curriculum engages the student in a discovery process that ensures knowledge transfer and maximizes knowledge retention.

Web-Based Training Curriculum

Our Web-based training [thinkLEARN ] offers live, instructor-led classes delivered over the Web. Delivered through virtual meeting tools, this form of instruction enables students to interact with a live instructor who facilitates, instructs, and demonstrates the lesson and can also answer questions and supply feedback in real time. Students view, on their own desktop, demonstrations that the instructor is executing from their desktop while following the instruction. Students also view lesson notes and slides that facilitate the instruction.

Knowledge Assessment Tools

No matter how well a training course is designed and delivered, students do not retain 100% knowledge. At thinkCADD, we believe that retaining is not the answer; rather the answer lies in identifying areas where additional, targeted learning will assist the student. thinkCADD 's assessment tools are specifically designed to provide feedback to the student to help identify knowledge and skills that have not been retained. Focusing on remedial training on only these areas results in a significant time-savings as well as complete learning for the student.


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