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ThinkDesign Professional includes all functionality of the ThinkDesign Engineering, Tooling, and Styling, and as well as thinkPLM functions. thinkPLM is a suite of product life cycle management applications which offer a simple, effective way to manage information, processes, and human resources.
Key Features and Benefits

 thinkcadd  2D layout environment completely integrated
 thinkcadd  3D part modeling
 thinkcadd  3D assembly modeling
 thinkcadd  2D manufacturing drawings
 thinkcadd  Large assembly management including Symbolic References and Lightweight Representations
 thinkcadd  Complete sheet metal functionality
 thinkcadd  Automatic Bill of Material
 thinkcadd  Basic surface creation and modification capabilities
 thinkcadd  Capping functionalities to create complex surfaces, parting line, draft angle, etc., etc.
 thinkcadd  Exploded views for spare parts
 thinkcadd  Standard libraries like bearings and bolts
 thinkcadd  Customizable libraries for re-use of common parts
 thinkcadd  Piping/Tubing functionalities
 thinkcadd  Full environment and scenery creation and modification capabilities for photo-quality images
 thinkcadd  High quality photo rendering for marketing catalogues
 thinkcadd  Standard import-export translators like STEP, IGES, DXF, DWG, etc.
 thinkcadd  Advanced surface creation and modification functions like Blending Shapes and Advanced Continuity
 thinkcadd  Class “A” Surface creation
 thinkcadd  Complete Global Shape Modeling (GSM) functionality for rapid modifications
 thinkcadd  Target Driven Design
 thinkcadd  I-interact capability to work with WACOM tablet/stylus interface for free-hand sketching

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