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Launching a new product onto the market requires a huge commitment in terms of costs and human resources.
This is why companies need to optimize the process of marketing new products. To do this they need streamlined procedures and high productivity tools.

thinkCADD offers to designer its suite of software products.

ThinkDesign Engineering is a tool which is flexible, productive, easy to use, easy to learn and tailored to the needs of manufacturing industries.

ThinkDesign Engineering is the designer's ideal partner for these operations:

 thinkcadd  Defining mechanical assemblies. 
 thinkcadd  Breaking assemblies down into component lists.
 thinkcadd  Assessing the overall dimensions of components and assemblies.
 thinkcadd  Checking the feasibility of a shape sketched and drawn by the designer or drafted using a special function.

ThinkDesign Engineering enables continuous communications between the styling, engineering and tooling departments and thus ensures that project deadlines are met.

ThinkDesign Engineering: the best solution for 3D design

ThinkDesign Engineering addresses the needs of mechanical manufacturing companies by offering productive and reliable tools. From traditional 2D design controls, to innovative and integrated 3D design functionalities in a single environment, ThinkDesign Engineering provides a comprehensive CAD solution that allows companies to define their products in a faster, more efficient and flexible way. Part modeling, 2D/3D transparency, integrated sheet metal functionality, tubing creation and management, advanced assembly management, frame creation, smart objects, animation, data exchange interfaces with other CAD systems, high availability of mechanical parts libraries, direct FEM/FEA interface, product data management -- all in one intuitive and easy-to-use product. These are just a few aspects of ThinkDesign Engineering’s world. A world created to help manufacturing companies win market challenges.

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