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PLM-Product Life Cycle Management Solutions

thinkCADD’s is introducing thinkPLM –A Complete PLM including Web Solution TD PLM

thinkCADD thinkPLM

Maintaining an advantage is the only way to stay ahead in a highly competitive business scenario.
Think3 proposes two suites of product life cycle management applications, both designed for a simple and effective approach to company's knowledge management. 

This makes them ideal for technical engineering offices and enterprise situations where the following items need to be managed:

 thinkcadd  Parts lists
 thinkcadd  CAD documentation.
 thinkcadd  Orders during sales activities.
 thinkcadd  Design Activities
 thinkcadd  Product Maintenance and the management of spare parts and customer assistance.

ThinkCADD’s PLM solutions are the ideal tool for managing operational and business activities. They provide the right information at the right time, and are a useful decision-making tool for product technical development and management. Think3’s PLM suites make it possible to efficiently support the product development process from management’s decisions and technical documentation development to customer care support and assistance.

The main benefits of the adoption of thinkCADD’s PLM systems are:

 thinkcadd  The possibility to share information between departments by fostering innovation and standardization of products
 thinkcadd  Drastic reduction of low value added tasks, such as: information research, data entry, manual BOM generation, signatures and approvals, printing, etc.

 thinkcadd  Increase product quality by reducing errors during the entire product development process and generation of documentation

TD PLM innovative functions

 thinkcadd  Web GUI: all activities (data inputting and outputting) are handled using a web browser
 thinkcadd  Task Driven GUI: the graphic user interface is easy to learn and use; this reduces training costs and stimulates user motivation
 thinkcadd  Administration console: provides a powerful administration tool for centralizing configuration, personalization and administration activities even where various PLM systems are implemented
 thinkcadd  Built in localization tools: TD PLM is designed for simultaneous use anywhere in the world. The user interface can be localized using the international settings (language, currency, time zone, date)

Reasons for choosing TD PLM

 thinkcadd  Based on a secure, independent Web 2.0 platform
 thinkcadd  Rapid implementation with zero impact on existing organization and IT. Customers are operational in less than six months and receive 24/7 support and online training
 thinkcadd  Perfectly integrated with CAD and other systems at the GUI level so that users do not have to switch backwards and forwards between one application and another
 thinkcadd  Quick and easy to learn, rapid ROI
 thinkcadd  Secure SSO (single sign on) access
 thinkcadd  No IT maintenance required

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